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Documents providing detailed technical information on these modules may be downloaded from the Technical Information page.
POWER-LYNXTM Circuit Breaker Module

Electronic Circuit breakers are available, which can be used to divide the the railroad into several blocks for isolation of faults (shorts) and to limit the maximum short circuit current.

The circuit breaker module automatically and continuously attempts to reset three times per second, until the fault is cleared.  Each breaker can be set to trip at the desired maximum value required for that block.  Thus, even though 10 amp supply is being used, the maximum allowed in that block might be only 2 amp.  This prevents pitted wheels and melted feeder and frog wiring.

The other advantage of using a breaker is that a short in one block will not affect other blocks. So, when someone runs a switch in the yard, the mainline trains keep running.

Each module contains 2 circuit breakers.

Repeater Module

Any time a locomotive is hidden from the transmitter, a repeater may be used to re-transmit the signal from the transmitter to the locomotive.

The repeater consists of a sensor (to receive the signal from the transmitter), a repeater circuit board (to regenerate the signal), and 10 infrared LEDs located in the hidden area (to forward the signal to the locomotive).  As each LED can cover approximately 2 feet, up to 20 feet of hidden track can be controlled with a single repeater.  However if the repeater is powered by 24VDC, it can drive up to 24 LEDs resulting in coverage for 48 feet of hidden track.

LEDs can be distributed among several hidden areas; so one repeater may be used for several tunnels.  Repeaters may also be used to provide coverage in non-hidden areas, such as large yards.

TIME-LYNXTM Programmable Fast Clock

Developed from the original RAIL-LYNX Fast Clock, TIME-LYNX has 16 programmable lighting functions and can display in 24 or 12-hour mode.  Time can be scaled anywhere between 1:1 and 25:1.  The clock can support multiple time display units, which may be positioned around a layout.

Each master clock unit is shipped with one modular digital display unit.  Additional display units may be purchased separately.

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