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The following documents are available (as PDF files) and may be opened by clicking on the links below:  Please allow time for a file to open.  Alternatively, Windows users may right click on a link and save the file to their hard drive.
Access to the PDF files requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader.
This may be downloaded free of charge by clicking on the icon.
RAIL-LYNX Infrared Command Control System 
A detailed description of the RAIL-LYNX Command Control System
RAIL-LYNX Comments on the NMRA DCC Standards 
A comparison of the differences between the RAIL-LYNX Command Control System and the 'standard' NMRA DCC system.
RAIL-LYNX Command Control Operation Manual 
This document is also available on-line.  Click on the System Manual link on the menu on the left.

RAIL-LYNX Receiver Installation

Receiver/Locomotive Combinations

A list has been compiled of known ccombinations of locomotives and specific receiver types.  This list is expanding as new locomotives come on the market and customers work with their stock.  Please contact Shawn at: Shawn@Rail-Lynx.com  with questions concerning compatibility or comments on your own experiences.
DCC Pin Connections

Not certain which wire goes to which pin?  Here's the information you need

Installation Instructions

Sensor Board Installation
The optional Sensor Board is designed to provide a secure mount for the pair of sensors provided with each Receiver.  Click above for a document that provides a guide to the use of these Sensor Boards.
Installation Service
While the installation of sensor and receiver in a locomotive is not an unduly difficult task.  However, at times it does require a little ingenuity in smaller engines and especially in steam locomotives.  Therefore, you may prefer to have someone else do the installation for you.  See the Installation Service page for details of third parties willing to provide this service.
MARS, Strobe & Ditch Lights for the RX-3A Receiver  Updated 1/20/10
Notes on connecting MARS, Strobe and Ditch lights when using the RX-3A Receiver.
MARS, Strobe & Ditch Lights for the RX-3P Receiver  NEW 1/20/10
Notes on connecting MARS, Strobe and Ditch lights when using the RX-3P Receiver.
RAIL-LYNX Infrared Sensor Notes 
RAIL-LYNX Infrared Repeater System Installation 
Instruction on the installation of the Infrared Repeater System on layouts, including the best locations for positioning of the provided LEDs.
POWER-LYNX Dual Channel Circuit Breaker Installation 
Make sure your layout and locomotives are protected from electrical overload  or short circuit by installing this dual channel circuit breaker.
Additional Resources
In addition to the documents available above, there are other sources of information.
RAIL-LYNX in Action
Visit this page for a list of Demonstration Sites and details of our Demonstration Unit rental program.
Rail Links
The following are useful web sites:
RAIL-LYNX User Group
LDSIG, Layout Design Special Interest Group
K.I.S.S. Method, Inc. - track planning tools
NMRA, National Model Railroad Association
modeltrein - a Dutch-based site with links to an international list
of railroad sites


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