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LIGHT-LYNX - Layout Lighting System

Light-Lynx is used in conjunction with the Time-Lynx fast clock system, which supplies the time source for the lighting modules.

The Light-Lynx layout lighting system is actually two sub-systems. The first is designed to control the layout room lighting, and the second controls the lighting in buildings on the layout. The sub-systems may be used either together or individually.

For a complete description of the Light-Lynx Layout Lighting System click here.

Sensor Mounting Boards 
As users of the the RAIL-LYNX system know each Receiver is supplied complete with a pair of Infrared Sensors (individual Sensors are available separately).
Now for an extra $3.00 a Sensor Mounting Board will be included with each receiver purchased.  Sensor Mounting Boards facilitate the installation and wiring of Sensors.

Receiver/Locomotive Combinations

A list has been compiled of known combinations of locomotives and specific receiver types.  This list is being expanded all the time as we learn of successful installations made by our customers.  To the best of our knowledge the receiver listed is the best one for the application.  Please send corrections or comments to Shawn@Rail-Lynx.com.  In addition, if you have made an installation that is not shown on the list please send details via email to Shawn@Rail-Lynx.com
Transmitter Upgrade Service Available!
RAIL-LYNX is offering existing users of the RAIL-LYNX Infrared Command Control System the opportunity to upgrade their transmitters at a nominal cost.  Two upgrade options are available.
Software upgrade for improved control: $10.00
Battery Pack Upgrade (provides enclosed battery compartment) $10.00.
Does NOT include batteries.
Shipping is $5.00 per order.
For more information contact Rail-Lynx:
Shawn Leichliter
84 Belcher Road
Blairstown, NJ 07825-2106
Email: shawn@rail-lynx.com
Credit Cards Accepted
Rail-Lynx accepts VISA and MasterCard purchases.
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